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My name is Christine and I'm a portrait photographer. My husband Daniel, a pet photographer and I run our photography studio together.

We love dogs and have two beautiful kelpies, Jessie and Lola who both know I'm a soft touch especially with the cute looks they give me.

I love the black and white photographs of the 1940s Hollywood movie stars. They were so gracious and elegant. Movies featuring Audrey Hepburn are always a delight to watch.

You don't need to be a super model or a movie star to look glamourous. You too can look like a movie starlet from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Our photoshoots are designed to do just that with the right lighting techniques and guiding you through the right posing, all you need to do is have your hair and makeup done and you will pull off the 1940s Hollywood movie starlet look and have timeless, elegant photos to remind yourself of how fabulous you are.

Retro Portraits photographer Christine Arnaldi who will create stylish retro portraits of you

This could be YOU

Retro Portraits

If you want beautiful, stylish, elegant portraits of you, that you will enjoy looking at and showing off to your friends and family, then you've come to the right place.

I make sure you have a great photoshoot and that it is the right experience for you. I listen to your needs, chat about clothing, hair and make up options. The retro photoshoot is done in the studio where we recreate the lighting that was used to photograph the movie starlets of the golden age of Hollywood. We guide you through posing so that you too can pull off the 1940s movie startlet look.

You have nothing to worry about as I make sure that your session is fun and relaxed and that you feel comfortable. This is your special time, your time to shine. It's all about you.

Your portrait session will result in a range of stylish, elegant, graceful and timeless portraits of you, that you will cherish and proudly display throughout your home (and that will secretly make your friends envious).

Our studio is located on the northern end of NSW Central Coast.

B&W Retro Portraits in the style of the golden age of Hollywood movie starlets portraits. Fine Art matted prints for you

I've been in the photography industry for many years. Over the years, I have photographed weddings, corporate and media events, covered a variety of news stories and current affairs for various newspapers and photographed portrait sessions. I am now focussing on portraits especially the stylish and elegant retro portraits inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood portraits.



  • National Photographic Portrait Prize, Canberra (Finalist) 2015
  • Shoot the Chef Portrait Prize, Sydney (Finalist) 2014


  • National Portrait Gallery Canberra
  • Ipswich Art gallery
  • Rockhampton Art Gallery
  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
  • Cairns Regional Gallery
  • Artspace Mackay